A Note from Teri

Written by Betsy Jordan.

As I am sure many of you have no doubt noticed, Teri (my mom) has been AWOL for awhile. She has been experiencing a myriad of computer problems that my husband and I have been unable to fix for her. She is going to be sending her computer into the company to be repaired (it seems to be an issue with the internal modem - why on earth is she still using dial-up anyway???!!) , so hopefully it will not be too much longer before she is up and running again. In the meantime, I leave you with this to ponder...

Oh, how could this be?!

Never thought it would happen to me!
My life has been smashed ...
this dang computer crashed!

It was just my luck
a bolt of lightening struck!
And without a sign
I was knocked right off line!

It wasn't a glitch
for it was dark as pitch.
with just one zap
my online life was over in a snap!

I sit here in the dark
with no modem, not even a spark.
I just sat and cried ...
online friends will think I died!

The repair man I cannot call
no 24hour emergencies at all.
My files long gone ...
Oh, where did I go wrong?

If down for a long period of time,
I may actually find
myself having to do housework again!!
And oh, what a pain!!

Now there's no more fun
for the computer has won.
As I sit in the dark and wait,
I just wish I had hold of that Bill Gates!

"Computer Crash" Written by Barbara LaBarbera

Read well, friends.


Cara Powers said...

I'm adding this to the FreeVerse meme. I hope that's ok. http://bit.ly/2KIeq6

moorebloglife said...

I came her Via FreeVerse Meme, Oh this was a hoot! I had such a good time reading this!