Gratitude to Old Teachers

Water that once could take no human weight-
We were students then- holds up our feet,
And goes on ahead of us for a mile.
Beneath us the teachers, and around us the stillness."

Henry Bly,
Gratitude to Old Teachers
- In honor of all those returning back to school this month: students, teachers, administrators and every one who supports education.

Read well, Friend


Mrs. W. said...

Thanks for honoring educators this way! It feels good. Here's to a good year.


Joseph Ong said...

Gratitude! Hurrah. It puts everything into perspective =]. I finally found the comment button on your blog (couldn't find it before for some reason).

Teachers are people who use education show us how to leave footprints in rock instead of footprints in sand. There, in the rock, no waves can easily wash them away. In fact, teachers have left paths in the rock so we can walk on them and take them farther.

I haven't blogged lately, because of college applications. I think I've written more essays in the past week than I've blogged all my life. Supplements are scary!

In reference to your earlier question about artistic creativity; the art blog I mentioned was started before I wrote the post. It can be found at http://waterflares.blogspot.com.

Pursue piano! Music is such a priceless, universal language. My mom has taught it to me for years now, so I cherish it a lot. Speaking of piano, I should practice today. I wish I had more time to do everything. It's difficult to squish music practice, writing, making art, working and volunteering all into one day.


Teri K said...

Joseph -- All that and you still need a life! I'm glad that you're practicing the art of appreciation at an early age. A lot of people wait too long.

Sandra -- Amen!